Robust and secure wireless 2.4 GHz I/O and Wi-Fi gateway modem –
 all in one single unit

Weidmuller introduces the WI-I/O-2-E-N-GBL, a wireless networking I/O and Wi-Fi gateway that accommodates multiple I/O nodes and extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations.

The WI-I/O-2-E-N-GBL offers reliable and robust wireless technology with multiple benefits for industrial applications, including a simple web-based user interface, and a standards-based wireless protocol with a networking topology that is simple to use and configure.

Weidmuller’s new WI-I/O-2-E-N-GBL can provide IP-based networking across sprawling industrial environments and includes built-in I/O capability for digital and analog inputs and outputs. The modem can be easily configured for use globally via a built-in webserver.

The new WI-I/O-2-E-N-GBL unit provides robust and secure two-way wireless communications for challenging indoor and outdoor industrial environments. The internal radio transceiver is designed to operate reliably even in applications with obstructed pathways, using Weidmuller’s ProMesh redundancy protocol. ProMesh networking provides mesh node remote units the ability to automatically detect available connectivity options and make decisions based on link quality. It also offers the unique ability to set fixed links, providing a high level of connection reliability and redundancy. The WI-I/O-2-E-N-GBL unit supports base, repeater, and remote functionality, providing for reliable redundant networks in industrial applications.

Weidmuller’s new wireless I/O and Wi-Fi gateway unit can also provide Ethernet and serial gateway support for industrial protocols that include Modbus® TCP/RTU and DNP3. With easy-to-configure Hot Spot capabilities, this unit can also be used to bridge multiple networks together to create a DHCP server.


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