Schneider Electric Launches Altivar ATV680 & ATV980 Drives – the World’s First Three-Level Low-Harmonic Drives

The Altivar 680 and Altivar Regenerative 980 Compact Low Harmonic Drives are a packaged, high-performance solution for low harmonic applications. These active front end drives feature a three-level input switching stage, which reduces common mode voltage and improves performance and efficiency. These benefits are a result of the new drives’ custom filtering and three-level design.
This new technology reaches a total distortion factor – THD(i) – of around 2.3% and therefore fulfills the requirements per IEEE 519. This low harmonic drive solution includes an efficiently designed input filter which reduces common mode voltage prolonging motor lifetime. This filter also allows the drive system to provide near sinusoidal input current regardless of percent input phase unbalance. These robust, adjustable speed drive systems are UL 508A Listed, are available in Type 1 and Type 12 enclosures, and are compatible with generator sourced power.

Altivar 680 Low Harmonic Drive: Focus on Water/Waste Water
• In pumping applications, the ability to mitigate harmonics while preforming efficiently at various speeds in a compact design brings flexibility to our customers. In addition to the drives low harmonic footprint, internal application functions, such as Anti-Jam, Multi-Pump Control, and Asset Protection via Pipe Fill, bring versatile, reliable solutions to the pumping industry – without the need for additional components.

Altivar 980 Regenerative Low Harmonic Drive: Focus on Oil & Gas | Mechanical Movement
• In high demand applications where harmonic mitigation and the ability to handle regenerative loads is a necessary, the Altivar 980 is the solution. In upstream production, such as rod pumping, the ATV980 can provide flexibility in regenerative applications by avoiding the use of braking resistors. In addition to its compact nature, internal application functions such as ENA (Energy Adaptive Function) allow for greater energy savings.

Schneider Electric

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