SDK for extended-range Bluetooth router

cassiaCassia Networks has unveiled its official SDK that will give developers and vendors the ability to create new applications utilizing the extended range for Bluetooth devices that its flagship product, the Cassia Hub, enables. Cassia Networks also announced that it has received early interest from companies like Epson, Foxconn, Hupu, Zepp, CiMing, iHealth and many others, which have started developing on the Cassia Hub SDK to improve the Bluetooth connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) experience for their customers.

Winner of Best of CES in the Connected Home category, Cassia Hub is a first of its kind Bluetooth router capable of extending Bluetooth’s range from 30 feet to 1,000 feet and expanding the number of devices a smartphone can pair with from 1:1 to up to 1:22 Bluetooth devices. After launching at CES 2016, Cassia is moving forward with the next phase in its development to make the Cassia Hub available and accessible to more individuals and developers.

Cassia’s SDK includes user manual documents and a software package that can be easily incorporated into native apps and servers of Bluetooth device manufacturers. Once integrated, Cassia’s SDK offers end users the ability to control many of their Bluetooth devices over long distance simultaneously, securely, and in real-time through the Cassia Hub using a native application and/or servers. All this can be done without modifying existing Bluetooth devices.

Some key features of the SDK include:

  • Support of heightened levels of security and real-time, long range (up to 1,000 feet), one-to-many extended range BLE devices communication and control to enable more users across a wide variety of Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Remote control and multi-role access mode
  • Compatibility with many mainstream development forms (e.g. Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux etc.) and programming languages (e.g. Java, C#, and node.js, etc.)
  • Easy to implement and no need to modify existing BLE end devices
  • Incorporation with existing Bluetooth vendor and developers’ native apps and servers for more seamless integration

Cassia Networks

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