SKF CAHB-E series electromechanical linear actuators — Drop-in alternatives to hydraulics

New SKF CAHB-E series electromechanical linear actuators introduce powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly drop-in alternatives to hydraulic systems, whether for OEM or aftermarket system applications. These next-generation actuators are engineered to deliver increased thrust and holding force compared with previous designs and to achieve enhanced levels of speed, precision, and reliability. They ultimately can perform reliable push/pull functions for a wide range of demanding industrial and off-road equipment applications.

In contrast with conventional hydraulically actuated systems, the CAHB-E series of actuators can save as much as 20% of the energy required for operation; eliminate consumables (such as hydraulic oil and seals) to provide a much cleaner, leak-free, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly actuation solution; and serve without the complexity of hydraulic circuits or the challenges associated with hydraulics installation and maintenance. The actuators are virtually maintenance free for their entire service life.

The CAHB-E series consists of three models — CAHB-20E, CAHB-21E, and CAHB-22E. This series of actuators offer the capability to handle loads up to 10,000N and achieve holding force up to 20,000 N. All maintain stroke length while featuring a shorter retracted length. Their compact design requires minimal space for installation and operation.

Value-added features include mechanical overload protection, improved sealing (IP69K/66M, depending on model) for suitable protection against ingress of contaminants, corrosion resistance and stainless-steel tubes, optional manual override with hand crank allowing for adjustment without power or special tools, and optional absolute or incremental position feedback.

These actuators can be customized in several different ways to fulfill particular application requirements, including tailored stroke, retracted lengths, and attachment orientation. For more information, visit

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