Smith & Nephew launch Navio bi-cruciate retaining TKR application

Smith & Nephew NavioSmith & Nephew (NYSE:SNN) said yesterday it launched a bi-cruciate retaining total knee replacement application for its Navio handheld robot-assisted platform.

With the launch, the UK-based orthopedics giant will now offer both partial and total knee options for the Navio, including what it touts as the 1st and only robotics-assisted bi-cruciate retaining knee procedure commercially available.

The newly launched application will allow operating surgeons to use the Navio system to aid in implanting the Journey II XR bi-cruciate retaining total knee system which allows for the retention of the ACL.

“The Journey II XR bi-cruciate retaining knee has the potential to deliver the best possible outcome for the surgeon and patient through the preservation of important anatomical structures such as the ACL. The Navio robotics-assisted surgical system enables accurate tibial implant placement to deliver a more reproducible surgical technique. We are proud to be the only company to offer the unique combination of NAVIO robotics-assistance and the Journey II XR knee system,” Smith & Nephew orthopedics global marketing senior VP Mike Donoghue said in a press release.

The Navio is a handheld robotics platform designed to aid in implant aligning, ligament balancing and bone preparation. The system does not require preoperative imaging, which the company claims saves patients extra steps, costs and radiation associated with preoperative imaging.

The 1st bi-cruciate retaining total knee procedures with the Navio system were recently performed by Dr. Vivek Neginhal of West Virginia, Dr. David Rovinsky of Hawaii and Dr. David Fabi of California, the company said.

“I believe that the Navio is able to provide critical elements of success for the Journey II XR, such as accuracy of tibia component placement and a streamlined surgical technique. I was amazed at how fluid the knee motion was on the first postop day. My patients have expressed great satisfaction so far. I believe that Navio’s accuracy and flexibility of use combined with Journey II XR’s retention of the patient’s cruciate ligaments and physiological design will truly increase patients’ function and satisfaction,” Dr. Neginhal said in a prepared release.

In June, Smith & Nephew announced it added a total knee arthroplasty application to the Navio system.

Smith & Nephew acquired Minnesota-based Blue Belt Technologies – Navio’s original maker – in January 2016 for $275 million.

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