SNAP-AITM-4i Thermocouple and Millivolt Input Module from Opto 22

Opto 22 has introduced the SNAP-AITM-4i thermocouple and millivolt input module for industrial temperature monitoring and data acquisition, helping automation engineers and technicians achieve more accurate temperature readings, speed installation, and eliminate the need to purchase thermocouples with expensive, built-in isolation. The new module accepts up to four inputs from a wide range of thermocouples (commonly used in industrial, scientific, and medical research applications). All four of the module’s channel inputs are individually configurable and channel-to-channel isolated.


Individually configurable inputs help automation engineers, system integrators, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) save system costs because the new SNAP-AITM-4i module accepts multiple signal inputs-reducing the need to purchase separate modules for different thermocouple types or millivolt signals. Built-in, channel-to-channel isolation prevents ground loops that could cause electrical interference and lead to false temperature readings, and helps panel builders and instrumentation technicians reduce installation and wiring costs, while simplifying panel design.

When used with an Opto 22 SNAP PAC I/O processor or SNAP PAC rack-mounted programmable automation controller (PAC), the SNAP-AITM-4i is ideal for high-resolution temperature monitoring and data acquisition for autoclaves, industrial ovens and furnaces, heat exchangers, and any other equipment that requires precise thermal regulation.

In addition to type B, C, D, E, G, J, K, N, R, S and T thermocouple inputs, each of the SNAP-AITM-4i’s four channels can be independently configured to accept ±150 mV, ±75 mV, ±50 mV, or ±25 mV inputs. For applications with multiple thermocouple inputs, this flexibility makes installation easier, faster, and less expensive. The SNAP-AITM-4i is also optically isolated, transformer isolated, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The SNAP-AITM-4i provides accuracy of 0.06% (90 µV) @ 150 mV, 0.1% (75 µV) @ 75 mV, 0.1% (50 µV) @ 50 mV, and 0.2% (50 µV) @ 25 mV (all measurements full scale.) Resolution is 6 µV from -150 mV to +150 mV, 3 µV from -75 mV to +75 mV, 2 µV from -50 mV to +50 mV, and 1 µV from -25 mV to +25 mV.

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