Solving Assembly Challenges in Reduced Footprint Applications

Solving Assembly challenges webinarSmaller, lighter, and thinner electronic devices and their inherently restrictive design envelopes present several challenges on the road to  their assembly and manufacture. Hardware for component attachment must perform reliably, despite the shrinking and limited footprints for fastener placement and installation. In addition, designers face reduced parts counts for weight savings and production economies.

An entirely new generation of micro-fasteners has been introduced to help resolve these challenges when size and space matter. ??

This presentation will expand on the hardware demands and profile several advanced micro-fastener technologies gaining traction as suitable attachment solutions in the marketplace. It will include an evolving line of self-clinching and flaring micro fasteners serving today – and tomorrow — as practical and cost-effective alternatives to conventional loose hardware, welding, and adhesives. Specific applications and capabilities will be highlighted, based on existing end-product designs and anticipated packaging requirements down the road. The presentation will underscore how micro fasteners ultimately can help (and not hinder) key design and function objectives. By attending this special, free 1-hour webinar you will gain a better understanding of the new alternatives you now have available for your reduced footprint designs.

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