Stewart Connector introduces line of RJ45 StackJack connectors with LEDs

BellFuse-- RJ45 StackJack connectorsStewart Connector announced a new series of double row StackJack connectors with LEDs in 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 port configurations. These new part configurations will fall within the SS-74500 series. These space-saving StackJack modular jacks offer the most features for maximum reliability and performance you need for today’s high-density networking and telecommunication equipment.

This product increases end user port density in 1 Gigabit Ethernet applications while providing LEDs within each port as visual indicators. This product features LEDs in both upper and lower ports that can be single or bi-colored in numerous color configurations. A typical application for LEDs in RJ45 connectors is to indicate link and data status. Enhanced shielding provides optimum protection against EMI, and unique panel tabs provide a high normal force for superior shielding effectiveness. The longer springs allow repeated insertions and withdrawals from a panel, and prevent “fish hooking” on the panel during insertion. The connector can be provided with EPP-918A contact dressing to increase the durability of the contacts to withstand heavy insertions and extractions of the mating plugs and provide increased protection in harsh environments.

Stewart Connector, a Bel Fuse division


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