Accuride International Inc.

Accuride International Inc. was founded by Fred Jordan in 1962. The company made its start as a small tool and die shop producing ball bearing drawer slides for the electromechanical industry. The precision slides were used to carry large computer disk drives and copy machine chassis. The smooth movement and design accuracy appealed to other industries, and soon, Accuride and its product line expanded. Today, Accuride remains a privately held company that has grown into a global presence with facilities located in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit from Accuride

Accuride announces the release of the CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit, a system designed to add lock-in and lock-out features to drawers or trays mounted on heavy-duty slides. The locking feature is a one-handed operation that is easily activated with a centrally located push button. There are two product options: a standard front-mounted kit with lock-in [Read More]

Accuride unveils 115RC linear track system

Accuride ( has unveiled a linear motion track system specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. Offering a cost-effective solution for projects that requiring a defined length of travel, the 115RC linear track system is comprised of re-circulating ball carriages and aluminum tracks. The all-new system’s multi-component aspect delivers flexibility in mounting, configuration [...]

Linear Motion Tips

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Accuride’s Versatile Linear Track System

Accuride announces the introduction of model 115RC, a linear motion track system designed to accommodate a variety of applications. Comprised of aluminum tracks and re-circulating ball carriages, this system is a cost-effective solution for projects that require a defined length of travel. The multi-component aspect of the 115RC System provides for flexibility in system configuration, [Read More]

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