AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) offers Brushless DC Blowers, Pumps, Fans, Brushless and Regenerative Blowers, and Controller-based solutions for numerous applications.

You may recognize our products as Rotron, Windjammer, DurA-tek, and Nautilair. AMETEK products are a suitable choice for such varied applications as transportation, fuel cells, textile equipment, medical instruments, robotics, packaging equipment, pumps, compressors, business machines, printing equipment, chemical processing, aquaculture, electric-powered vehicles, hydraulic pumps, electroplating, fume and smoke removal systems, or any other precise rotary motion and air-delivery applications.

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) works closely with customers to ensure that it matches each product's capabilities to the specific requirements of each application. Our Field Sales and Factory Application Engineers are available to provide you with expert assistance and evaluation — whether designing an individual unit or an entire air moving system — and to ensure that all AMETEK Technical and Industrial Products perform properly and efficiently.

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Featured Articles & Products

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions expands inspection and compliance capabilities

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has added two new advanced metrology tools at its Rock Creek, NC, manufacturing facility, enhancing its inspection, compliance and quality-control capabilities. The new additions include a SPECTRO MIDEX micro X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer with an ultrafast silicon drift detector (SDD) system for rapid and reliable elemental analysis. The MIDEX is designed [Read More]

Maintenance free seal-less water circulation pump for heavy duty vehicle and transit applications

The ROTRON SLP 2418 Seal-Less Water Circulation Pump from AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions incorporates a brushless DC motor with a 40,000-hour design life and a quiet-running wet-rotor design. The pump is designed for such demanding applications as transit buses; construction and mining vehicles; and heavy-duty agricultural equipment and onand off-highway vehicles. The pump’s wet rotor [Read More]


Programmable and Electronically controlled blowers and fans offer OEMS wide range of application benefits

AMETEK’s Precision Motion Control Division, an innovator of programmable and controllable air-movement solutions, offers a range of electronically commutated brushless motors, fans and blowers that provide original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) with the greatest design flexibility during the product development and the highest level of product control, efficiency and long life in application. AMETEK Windjammer® and [Read More]


Windjammer blower allows racecar drivers to stay cool under pressure

The Ametek Windjammer series of compact, variable-speed brushless blowers have been used by NASCAR teams, independent racers, and others for more than 15 years to keep drivers cool during competitive racing events by providing a controlled, cool airstream into their crash helmets. Attributes such as high aerodynamic performance, reliability, functional controllability, all housed in a [Read More]

Nautilair® 8.9” Pre-mix Brushless Blowers

Nautilair® 8.9” (225mm) variable speed pre-mix brushless blowers for gas-fired burner systems deliver a measured air/fuel mixture to optimize combustion and reduce nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. Their brushless DC motor technology enables virtually maintenance-free performance typically exceeding 20,000 hours in a wide range of applications, including commercial and residential boilers, water heaters, furnaces, [Read More]

Trimline Blowers

AMETEK Rotron Trimline blowers fit in tight enclosures

Compact inverted blowers from AMETEK Rotron provide concentrated high volume airflow for critical cooling applications in ruggedized computers, avionics and communications. The Trimline blowers have their motors located inside the squirrel cage wheel for reduced size and inherent motor cooling. Their small size allows easy mounting in any attitude to direct the flow where it is [Read More]

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