All Metric Small Parts (aMsp)

All Metric Small Parts (aMsp) is a new division of Designatronics, Inc. which sells Exclusively Metric and 100% RoHS compliant components. Our product lines, which we manufacture and/or market at the present time, concentrate on components used in the design of mechanisms and devices which contain moving parts. We are proud to be able to state that the list of our customers contains the majority of Fortune 500 Companies providing such equipment.

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Bow-Type Handles from aMsp

All Metric Small Parts – aMsp –  is now introducing a variety of bow-type handles featuring through holes, threaded inserts or threaded holes without inserts. Threaded inserts are made of zinc plated steel. These bow-type handles, identified as the MAKX2FM…. Series, feature easy and quick installation and removal. All handles are black and outside length [Read More]


640-Page Hardware Catalog from All Metric Small Parts

A completely new easy-to-use, 640-page hardware catalog from All Metric Small Parts – aMsp features over 11,000 100% RoHS compliant components. The catalog, identified as M110, features a vastly expanded 141-page section of quality industrial leveling foot mounts. Of special interest is a series of clamping adjustable levers offered in a wide variety of colors [Read More]

Grooveless Retaining Rings from All Metric Small Parts

All Metric Small Parts (aMsp) announces the availability of 12 off-the-shelf metric spring steel HRC 46-52 grooveless retaining rings. These rings have a black oxide finish and can be identified as the MKA5DNMGR555…Series. These retaining rings are for grooveless use and can be used for external axial assembly. In the series, the 12 different retaining [Read More]

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