Cicoil Invents the Ribbon Cable
Cicoil was founded in 1956 with an innovative new product for the early mainframe computers - the flat ribbon cable. The ribbon cable allowed companies like IBM to replace bulky, stiff round cables with sleek, flexible ribbon cables. Cicoil's innovative engineers figured out how to use a new material, proprietary Flexx-Sil™, to 'mold' a flat cable containing multiple conductors of the same size. Named ribbon cables, variations of these flat cables are still used today in most computers, printers, and many electronic devices.

Cicoil's ribbon cables helped America put a man on the moon, as the lightweight cables were integral to the first space walk in 1965, and the Lunar landing in 1969. In the decades that followed, Cicoil flat cables have performed on every US fighter jet, most commercial airplanes, and in many demanding missile and land-based applications

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Flexx-Sil™ Material and Patented Extrusion Process

Servo-controlled automation systems need cables that are able to continuously flex for millions of cycles, are lightweight, and that fit in increasingly compact spaces. To meet these new needs, Cicoil developed a new extrusion process, able to make continuous lengths of flat cable with a unique, crystal clear material named Flexx-Sil™. Representing a quantum leap from Cicoil’s original molded flat cables, the new Flexx-Sil™ material and extrusion process created a wide variety of high performance, cost-effective flat cable solutions for the semiconductor, motion control and medical automation industries worldwide.

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Mission-critical flat cables video

Cicoil, a manufacturer of high performance flat cables based in Valencia, Cal., has announced a new video: “Mission Critical Flat Cables.” It details why and how to source cables that demand unparalleled performance in critical applications and cable failure is not an option. Manufactured with high-strength, oxygen-free copper wire, Cicoil’s design is naturally more flexible […]

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Robust flexible cable from Cicoil powers Coca Cola’s Robotic Sign at Times Square

Cicoil recently helped Coca Cola revolutionize its Times Square sign with a New 3-D Robotic Video Display. The sophisticated 68 x 42 ft robotic billboard is made up of 1760 high-resolution LED cubes which are in continuous motion, exposed to all kinds of weather and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because […]

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Cicoil launches new video resource center

Cicoil is pleased to announce the addition of its New Flat Cable Video Resource Center to its web site. The Technical Video library can be found at  It will feature a videos highlighting flat cable innovation, knowledge and instructional video tools. To help launch the online resource center, Cicoil has released the first video in […]

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