Ciespace Corporation is an emerging software technology company based in Santa Clara, California, delivering an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based computer-aided engineering (CAE) platform for advanced mechanical engineering design and analysis. The Ciespace solution is the first commercially-available end-to-end CAE solution built entirely on an open, web services platform – leveraging the latest technology developments in cloud computing, high performance distributed networking, and advanced graphics processing – to deliver an entirely new paradigm of engineering design and analysis solutions.

The Ciespace mission is to empower engineers with the critical tools and technology to accelerate innovation in a rapidly-changing, internet-connected global engineering marketplace. Our goal is to provide mid-market manufacturing companies with an open, easily-extendable engineering platform that will allow organizations to more effectively compete on a global basis – enabling improved collaboration, higher product quality, and shorter product design cycles – all delivered through an on-demand variable subscription and usage-based pricing model, to significantly lower the overall cost of digital simulation.

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