elobau sensor technology, Inc.

Today, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of noncontacting sensor technology, elobau has representatives in more than 28 locations around the globe. These days our customers in industry and vehicle manufacturing profit from our flexibility in development and our reliability in production. Flexibility, customer-orientation, quality, promptness and service will continue to shape the way we think and act in the future too.

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Safety monitoring relay and sensor in one from elobau

elobau extends the application possibilities of the compact systems 171 K1 B1 with the new compact unit 171 K4 B1. It can be operated with 230 V instead...

Sensor Tips

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Elobau’s 145MA Micro Push Button

Elobau Sensor Technology Inc. introduces its 145MA micro push button for various industrial applications. This new control is based on Hall effect technology and provides a 0.5 to 4.5 Volts linear output proportional to the displacement of the actuator. It is designed to be incorporated in the knob of a joystick or a multifunctional handle [Read More]

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