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A leader in the rotary actuation industry for over 45 years, Helac Corporation manufactures helical hydraulic rotary actuators and construction equipment attachments. The helical hydraulic rotary actuators are used to move, support and position rotary loads. The rotary actuators are best known for their tremendous torque output, compact dimensions, exceptional load bearing capability and rugged, reliable performance. Helac manufactures the PowerTilt and PowerGrip, two specialty products, increase the utilization of backhoes and excavators. From our 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Enumclaw, WA, USA, Helac services over 1,000 customers worldwide in over 40 countries.

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When to use a hydraulic rotary actuator

Hydraulic rotary actuators are powerful, compact fluid power products that have a lot of applicability in mobile machinery that require a lot of power, delivered in a tight...

Mobile Hydraulic Tips

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Helac Corporation Hires International Sales Manager

Helac is pleased to announce the hire of Tim O’Brien as the International Sales Manager for the Actuators Division. O’Brien will be responsible for growing actuator sales internationally....

Mobile Hydraulic Tips

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Helac launches online store for rotary actuator parts

Helac Corp. has launched a e-commerce website, www.helac.com/store, which allows customers to buy seals, bearings and valves online for Helac’s standard Rotary Actuator product lines, including L10, L20, L30, HP and T20 Series. Customers can search by product model, part number and serial number. Helac’s Customer Service Team will now be able to respond to [Read More]

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