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Herrmann Ultrasonics is your ideal partner with the best solutions for your applications of joining thermoplastic materials using ultrasonics. Divided into three divisions, PLASTICS, NONWOVENS and PACKAGING, our engineers assist customers with their specific application needs. Herrmann has more than 50 years of extensive experience in the field of ultrasonics.

Founded in 1961 by Walter Herrmann, the company now has three headquarters worldwide: World headquarters in Karlsbad, Germany, North American headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois, and Asian headquarters in Shanghai, China.

To meet the growing demand, Herrmann Ultrasonics North America has multiple tech centers. Local support teams allow customers global access to Herrmann personnel for sales, service, and training.

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Pre-loaded Ultrasonic Unit Saves Time in Automation

Compact ultrasonic actuators with low weight can be easily mounted on robot arms and are thus well suited for fast and low-energy joining of plastic parts. Pre-loading the pneumatic cylinder of the actuator saves time – up to 1 second per weld spot. This is particularly noticeable in applications with many weld spots. Pre-loading means [Read More]

Flawless 3-D lights

Daytime running lights have become mandatory by EU Standards as of recently and are a popular style element. Their complex 3-D shape represents a challenge for joining technology. The ultrasonic welding tool can be easily adapted to the design type by means of studs in various heights. Short cycle times and indexed tool change kits [Read More]


Tips on Using Ultrasonic Welding within an Automation Process

Natasha Townsend, Associate Editor Despite the higher initial investment, the speed of ultrasonic welding as a joining process makes it an attractive process during automated production. During the process, ultrasonic vibrations generated through the use of electrical voltage melt the plastic material precisely at a defined joining point or area and create a homogeneous connection. [Read More]

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