Intech Power-Core

Intech Corporation is located in the northern corner of New Jersey, about 18 miles from Manhattan.

Founded in 1983 by our president, Georg Bartosch, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of non-lubricated, light weight machine components such as gears and rollers made of Intech Power-Core™ and other engineered plastics.
More recently, Intech started exploring self- lubricating coatings which can be applied to, for example, aluminum or other light weight materials. Utilizing high-tech, self- lubricating coatings, Intech is able to produce non-lubricated parts which are used in high speed machines and have to withstand high forces and temperatures.
The aim of our efforts is to produce machine components that run maintenance free at higher speeds and with less down time. There are additional benefits: reduced friction, noise, shock, vibration and generally smoother running machines. We service both the OEM and maintenance markets and we are proud to work with the leading companies in their respective industries.

Our approach is simple. If we cannot prove on paper that the INTECH Power-Core™ component works, we will not sell it. There are times when we find ourselves at the cutting edge of technology working on an application with significant pay-back and there are no experience values on which we can base our engineering calculations. In such cases we do extensive testing.

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