Koco Motion

Koco Motion US LLC is a manufacturer and representative of quality motion control products including the unique SERVOTRACK closed loop stepper technology.

Our products are routinely applied in applications that demand precise movement in such industries as robotics, medical, biomedical, laboratory automation, clinical chemistry, semiconductor, packaging, and circuit board manufacturing.

Featured Articles & Products

Can-stack linear actuators: How the motor and screw components work

Can-stack linear actuators are one type of stepper-motor design that converts rotary to linear motion with a built-in leadscrew. The linear actuators incorporate can-stack motors — sometimes called claw-tooth step motors, tin-can stepper motors, or claw-pole motors — leverage low-cost construction with punched sheet-metal parts that form toothed (or clawed) cups surrounding bobbin coils. Common […]

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Patented ServoTrack technology — driver-controller products for motion

Koco Motion US LLC | DINGS’ now offers its patented ServoTrackTM technology in a new line of products.  ServoTrack technology provides both dynamic closed loop control for your motion control system … … and torque or force control as an integral part of the technology. ServoTrack’s simplified SnapTrack programming software makes it easy to design motion profiles and do it smarter. […]

Motion Control Tips

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