The Kuebler Group belongs today to the leading specialists worldwide in the fields of position and motion sensors, counting and process technology as well as transmission technology. Founded in the year 1960 by Fritz Kübler, the family business is now led by the next generation of the family, his sons Gebhard and Lothar Kübler. Proof of the strong international focus lies in the fact that exports currently account for over 60 percent of turnover, with 8 international group members and distributors in more than 50 countries.

Since the early days of the company, its success has always rested on 3 pillars: Innovative products and solutions, independence from banks and large corporations as well as a strong international orientation. Kuebler's latest product introduction - the first 100% optical electronic multiturn encoder - has won a number of awards for its innovative technology.


Featured Articles & Products

Kuebler Now Offers Ruggedized Hollow Shaft Encoder For Harsh Environments

Expanding on its line of versatile incremental encoders, Kuebler now offers a ruggedized hollow shaft alternative for use in harsh environments. The A02H model features a tough and compact design, making it ideal for tough industrial motor and drive applications. Rugged design features include a special shaft connection with interlocked bearings, balanced stainless-steel clamping ring [Read More]

Encoder helps make packaging machines operate faster

The Sendix F58 encoders combine certified EtherNet/IP support with patented mechanical and electro-optic technologies for accuracy and reliability. These optical absolute single- and multi-turn EtherNet/IP encoders have a diameter of 58 mm. The encoders have a RPI time as low as 1 ms, which allows them to transmit position data about 5 times faster than [Read More]

For drive technologies — slim F5883 multiturn encoder

The challenge in the drive industry is to develop increasingly compact drives … … which must have ever-higher performance, better dynamics and improved energy efficiency. This leads to new requirements...

Motion Control Tips

[Read More]