LEWCO, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of two quality product lines: Industrial Ovens and Unit handling Conveyor. Both product lines bring the LEWCO Value Proposition to market; quality products, on-time, at a competitive price.

Our Industrial Oven & Furnace products include batch ovens, mesh belt conveyor ovens, roller hearth and chain conveyor ovens, large field-assembled ovens, as well as high temperature furnaces.

Standard conveyor products include belt conveyors; chain and belt driven live roller conveyors; chain and roller transfers; turntables, and a number of gravity roller conveyors. Our specialty is pallet and container handling equipment.

LEWCO’s competitive advantage lies in our ability to easily customize products from a vast library of standard product designs to meet specific customer requirements thereby providing a custom solution at a cost effective price.

All LEWCO products are manufactured under an ISO 9001: 2008 quality system focused on continuous improvement of the LEWCO Value Proposition.

Featured Articles & Products


Centering Belts and Reject Paddle Featured in Process Line

The manufacture of insulation rolls and batts is among the many diversified industries using LEWCO equipment. Recent units built for a customer serving this industry included conveyors for three process lines. Among the custom individual units were modular plastic belt conveyors, product reject paddles, and powered centering belts. A portion of one process line is [Read More]


LEWCO Introduces New Series of CDLR Conveyors 24 volt DC Chain

LEWCO Inc, a conveyor manufacturing company with a standard line of unit handling conveyors, recently introduced a new series of CDLR conveyors designed with significant competitive advantages over 24 volt motorized roller conveyors. Having the motor external from the conveyor rollers improves heat dissipation, therefore extending overall motor life. There’s also a replacement part advantage [Read More]