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LinMot began manufacturing and distributing linear motors and actuators in 1997. These motors were, and still are, designed and built in company owned facilities in Switzerland to traditional, high quality Swiss standards. Every LinMot linear motor delivers high speed, long service life and complete controllability, making them your best choice for use in demanding and highly dynamic positioning applications. LinMot’s U.S. headquarters in Elkhorn, WI serves the entire Western Hemisphere and offers very distinct sales oriented advantages to our customers. These important advantages include extensive stock/inventory in our Elkhorn facility, US based technical assistance and exclusive LinMot linear motor application and sales support programs.

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Open and shut case: Linear-rotary motors smooth out closure processes

Engineers from Tölke, a packaging machinery specialist, were looking to design closure processes with more flexibility using linear-rotary motors instead of conventional cam disc technology. This need led the Tölke design team to outfit its new filling and closing line with linear-rotary motors from LinMot. The company had already taken several measures to add flexibility [Read More]


Electric linear motors “picked” for swab application

US Cotton, a domestic manufacturer of cotton swabs, was considering the replacement of the pneumatic cylinders on one of its major production machines. The application involved picking a layer of cotton swabs out of the assembly section of the machine and placing it in a stack before going into the retail package. The company was [Read More]


The total package: How to design a film wrapping machine with direct-drive technology

Guaranteeing packaging results every time, even when product characteristics vary and product types change often, is one of the greatest challenges facing a machine builder. This was the primary consideration for Alpenland Maschinenbau (ALPMA) when designing its new MultiSAN film wrapping machine. The machine packages round and rectangular soft cheeses, as well as cheeses in [Read More]

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