MicroStrain’s vision is to produce smart, reliable and easy-to-install sensing products and systems as well as eliminate costly wiring and batteries. We are enhancing our data acquisition and information viewing capabilities by utilizing the Internet to manage multiple facilities simultaneously. Sensors are literally changing our world and we are inspired to work with our customers to introduce advanced sensing technology and solutions that will enable the next generation of smarter and safer machines, civil structures, and implanted devices.

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LORD MicroStrain Introduces Watt-Link

LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems introduce Watt-Link, a wireless energy and power monitoring sensor node. Watt-Link streamlines discrete industrial power installations and provides remote energy monitoring and reporting via...

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Wireless Sensing for Data Centers

The ever-increasing volume of internet data requires handling many megawatts of power in data centers and dealing with increasing server densities. Maintaining an environment that ensures uninterrupted long...

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MicroStrain Introduces SensorCloud™ CSV Uploader: Simplified Sensor Data Importing to the Cloud

MicroStrain’s new CSV Uploader for SensorCloud™ simplifies and streamlines access to cloud-based sensor data. Now users can drag-and-drop CSV files generated in Node Commander 2.6 directly into SensorCloud, without any outside intervention. The automated CSV Uploader enables quick and easy data visualization controllable sharing, and secure storage of any CSV file generated by the recently released [Read More]

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