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Progressive development and manufacturing techniques, as well as the service of world-wide operating agencies, are key components of our ability to satisfy complex customer requirements at highest quality.

Our engineering expertise,  enables us to develop highly integrated precision gears. We are problem solvers for special applications within  the automation field supplying custom geared solutions.

Our precision gears are used in all areas of automation and motion control as a reliable mechanical extension of state of the art servo and stepper motors. Machineries frequently using our reliable products are machine tools, packaging-printing textile- machines, robots etc.

Our high precision gear manufacturing technique, such as precision grinding and honing, assures the highest quality level of the gears resulting in extremely smooth running, high load ability, low noise, exceptional reliability, and hence, a very high user value.

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Application brief: Gearboxes in electric adventure vehicles (EAVs)

Electric adventure vehicles (EAVs) need light transmission components but lots of torque. So EAV maker Outrider USA recently sourced a Neugart planetary gearbox to solve the design problem. Outrider makes several versions of the Alpha (for everyday use on gravel and streets) and the Horizon for offroad cycling. Each model has a drive to output […]

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Gearboxes power high performance electric vehicles

From a power transmission standpoint, Electric Adventure Vehicles (EAVs) pose an interesting design problem. On one hand, they require transmission components that are not too heavy or bulky. On the other, they need lots of torque or they won’t be much fun to drive. When Outrider USA, which manufactures a line of EAVs, looked to [Read More]

Neugart receives Festo Award for the third year running

Neugart, a worldwide manufacturer of planetary and custom gearboxes, has received the Festo Supplier Elite Award for its contribution to the high productivity levels of Festo’s automation equipment....

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