ODU is one of the world’s leading connector systems supplier and employs about 1,650 people worldwide. In addition to the company headquarters in Mühldorf am Inn, Germany, the ODU Group has an international production and distribution network throughout Europe, North America and Asia. ODU combines all relevant areas of competence and key technologies relating to design and development, machine tool and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly. The ODU Group sells its products around the world and has an international distribution network. This includes eight sales companies in England, France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, USA, China and Japan, as well as numerous worldwide sales partners. The ODU connectors ensure reliable transmission of power, signal, data and media in numerous demanding applications: medical technology, military & security, industrial electronics, measurement and testing and automotive technology.

Featured Articles & Products

ODU-USA launches advanced monitoring connector solutions for high definition

ODU, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high performance connector solutions and cable assemblies, is announcing its ODU Advanced Monitoring Connector Solutions for High Definition to the European, US and Japanese market. ODU’s product series respond to an increased market demand for embeded vision, an increased used in robotics and a rising demand for [Read More]

Submersible technology in demand as wartime arenas move underwater

In this era of counter-terrorism, the need for small teams of Special Operations warfighters is continually increasing. To stay a step ahead of the enemy, these forces must be equipped with the best and most durable equipment that today’s technology can offer. Recognizing this, many recent USSOCOM Requests for Proposals for submersible equipment now require [Read More]