Three engineers started Primatics because they couldn’t always find an off-the-shelf solution, so they built systems that were born out of necessity. We continue to do so today. For almost 20 years, we have been delivering state-of- the-art motion solutions with responsiveness as our number one selling proposition. We’re more about finding solutions that meet your needs than just selling you parts. Sometimes this is selecting among the variety of standard products we offer, and at other times a custom design may be the best course.

In response to the wide range of markets we address, including semiconductor, life sciences and aerospace, we’ve also developed processes, techniques and designs for the special environments found in cleanrooms, vacuum chambers and outer space.

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Primatics linear stage for long travel and high precision

Primatics PXL43B long travel linear stage is a small form factor, high precision motion stage. A linear motor and linear encoder provide precise positioning to 150 mm. Anti-creep cage...

Linear Motion Tips

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