QA1 specializes in providing performance shock absorbers, rod ends, spherical bearings, struts, springs, ball joints and other related items to a variety of markets including: circle track racing; drag racing; street performance; street rodding; construction, fitness; agriculture and packaging equipment; as well as several other industrial markets.

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QA1 Dampers for Commercial & Industrial OE Markets

QA1 manufactures a wide variety of dampers and struts for the commercial and industrial OE markets. Applications include exercise equipment, commercial lawn and garden, neighborhood electric vehicles, commercial utility vehicles, and a wide variety of industrial applications. QA1 manufactures numerous styles of shock absorbers, including both twin-tube and monotube, in a variety of sizes, mounting [Read More]


Custom Products to Meet Your Industrial Needs

QA1 has the industry experience and engineering expertise that allows us to design and manufacture composite material products and custom sub-assemblies for suspension applications, including: shock absorbers/dampers, tubular suspension components, carbon fiber driveshafts, rod ends, ball joints, knuckle castings, wheel bearings and seals, wheel hubs, stainless brake disks, forged aluminum brake calipers, CV driveshafts and [Read More]


QA1 releases staked design & quick connect/disconnect ball joints

QA1 Precision Products, Inc., is excited to release staked design ball joints and quick connect/disconnect style ball joints for the industrial market. In the widely used staked design ball joint, the tube is swaged around the ball for a metal-to-metal ball joint that doesn’t allow excessive play. QA1’s staked design ball joints include a rubber [Read More]

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Composite Drive Shaft