SENSORAY is at the leading edge of video capture/processing and process control technology and we have the ability to design and manufacture solutions to fit your exacting specifications. SENSORAY specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced video capture and processing cards. Our video capture products have recorded flights onboard the space shuttle and dived to the bottommost depths of the oceans.

SENSORAY's data acquisition products are used in scientific and industrial applications worldwide, in applications ranging from controlling cranes at shipping ports to regulating water pressure in waterjet cutters. We specialize in the development of devices for industrial applications on Ethernet, PCI-Express, PC/104+, STDbus, and other popular platforms.

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Motion-platform maker standardizes on Sensoray I/O for measurement and motion control

Servos & Simulation Inc. is a manufacturer of motion platforms and control loaders. Recently the systems builder picked a Model 826 analog and digital I/O system on a PCI Express board from Oregon-based Sensoray for the primary measurement and control interface for their full product line. Servos and Simulation provides motion platforms and control loaders [Read More]


USB 3.0 Video Capture in SDI or DVI

Sensoray introduces its new Model’s 3364 a USB 3.0 device available in SDI or DVI versions. It captures uncompressed SD/HD video in resolutions up to 1080p60 and uses H.264 video compression for inputs up to 1080p30, both with very low latency. A USB 3.0 device, it is capable of capturing uncompressed video at full frame [Read More]

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Embeddable DVR with Incremental Encoder Interface

Sensoray introduces its new Model 4012, a compact digital video recorder (DVR) optimized for embedding in OEM systems. It records audio and video (A/V) to USB storage media...

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