As the company has grown throughout its history, so have the product lines. Servometer has applied its expertise in machining and electroforming to manufacture custom bellows and electroforms. With the high-strength, metal construction, Servometer was able to add flexibility to precision components by creating thebellows coupling. Servometer bellows have also found a home in the digital world. Gold-plated electrical contacts add offset capability, wide temperature operation, and minimal signal loss. Servometer has a portfolio of products to allow engineers to design solutions he or she never thought possible.

Servometer currently supports a variety of markets through its diverse product line. Primary markets include: Aerospace (commercial and military), military/defense, semiconductor, oil and gas, medical, industrial, and automation equipment. Servometer does support other industries due to the extreme flexibility and customization of electroformed components.

Servometer is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Through continuous improvement and lean manufacturing, Servometer builds custom, cost effective, quality solutions for its customers. Servometer has the engineering support staff capable of designing solutions with tight tolerances, coordinating with our operations staff to ensure manufacturability, and communicating results to our customers.

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