solidThinking creates, develops, and markets technology that helps our user community bring the most desirable products to their customers faster. solidThinking was started in 1991 to meet the needs of Italian industrial designers, and acquired by Altair in 2008. Our offering has now been expanded to assist product development for designers, engineers, architects, and scientists.

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Webinar: Simulation Generated Design: Leveraging Simulation and Optimization to Design More Efficiently, Lighter, Stronger, and Faster

This webinar was recorded live on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. Click below to watch on demand. What does the future look like for product design? Given today’s environment, in order to continue to innovate, the fundamental way companies approach design has to change. Simulation and optimization technology will be a key catalyst for the future of design [Read More]

Webinar: 7 Simple Strategies to Design More Efficient Parts and Products Today

      What keeps you up at night? Balancing and managing huge lists of requirements can quickly become a significant challenge. Recently, new tools, methods, and strategies have been introduced to alleviate some of these challenges. This webinar will give attendees an introduction to a number of tools and methods to help increase the [Read More]


Engineering students build a better steering mount

Michael SÜß, a Research Fellow at the Technische Universität in Dresden, is currently working on his PHD, which focuses on design guidelines for additive manufacturing/electron beam melting. When looking for a demonstrator to design as a portion of his research, SÜß thought back to his time working on a Formula Student team. “I wanted to […]

Make Parts Fast

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ThyssenKrupp Elevator: Developing a revolutionary elevator system for tall buildings

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research Commercial building designs from today’s architectural engineering industry are growing ever taller and more elaborate. Currently the world’s tallest skyscraper is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE, standing at 828 meters (2,717 feet). This commanding height brings a unique set of engineering challenges, one being how to transport people efficiently from […]

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The future of additive technology in automotive manufacturing

Can additive manufacturing play an integral role in large-scale manufacturing, such as automotive? Additive vendors and industrial users continue to explore this question. A key value proposition of additive manufacturing in automotive engineering involves structural mechanics and lightweight construction. Such functional integration—implementing as many technical features as possible with as few components as possible—is an […]

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Additive Works joins the Altair Partner Alliance

The Altair Partner Alliance (APA) is pleased to announce the addition of Additive Works’ Amphyon to its software offering. Amphyon is a simulation-driven, process software for powder bed-based, laser beam melting additive manufacturing processes. It allows for automatic optimization of part orientation as well as a build-up process simulation and the adaption of process parameters […]

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