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TI serves a large number of customers across a wide range of end equipment areas with innovative semiconductor devices – from catalog and custom analog products to wireless and embedded processing products such as digital signal processors (DSPs) and microcontrollers. To maintain leadership quality, reliability and competitiveness across these very diverse product areas, TI relies on a flexible process technology development and semiconductor manufacturing model that leverages both internal and external strengths and capabilities, as well as relationships with multiple leading-edge foundry partners. This model allows TI to deliver differentiated semiconductor solutions based on the most advanced process technologies available – at the right price, performance and volumes our customers require. It also ensures that our customers have a continuity of supply.

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The Internet of Things… in motion

As the Internet of Things becomes reality, manufacturers are responding with products to aide designers of next-generation motion systems. The Internet of Things. A lot has been written about its promise, its potential to revolutionize just about everything we do, from giving us talkative toasters and smart refrigerators to uber-connected factories. There’s even a counterpart […]

Motion Control Tips

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TI launches the first DDR memory-termination linear regulator for space applications

Texas Instruments today introduced the industry’s first double-data-rate memory linear regulator for space applications. The TPS7H3301-SP is the only DDR regulator immune to single-event effects up to 65 megaelectron volts per centimeter squared, powering space-satellite payloads including single-board computers, solid-state recorders and other memory applications. Integrating two monolithic power field-effect transistors for source and sink [Read More]

TI spins automotive brushless DC motors with two new motor drivers

Texas Instruments introduced two new automotive motor drivers that support high-performance powertrain applications. The DRV8305-Q1, a highly integrated three-phase brushless DC gate driver, and the UCC27211A-Q1, a high-current...

Motion Control Tips

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