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Our integrative approach – from electromechanics, through the software/control system, all the way to engineering support – enables us to develop pre-installed, intelligent and highly convenient solutions. We think one step ahead and always take the total cost of ownership into account. Our units offer a high level of cost efficiency, coupled with low engineering costs, both during commissioning and operation.

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Chassis system drives 24-station medical assembly

Edited by Mike Santora A west-coast medical parts manufacturer was recently faced with the challenge of creating a closed female luer valve with a robust system featuring 24 install stations for a 3-5 piece assembly production process. This manufacturer’s medical product line provides patients and caregivers with devices that help improve patient outcomes by minimizing [Read More]

Palletizing dial plate manages multiple robots

With over 18 years of experience manufacturing for the robotics and automated machinery industry, Jerit Automation, Inc. is considered a “one-stop” manufacturer. When their team came across a palletizing application chassis system involving two robots−requiring more space for the operators to work—Jerit went to WEISS to collaborate on designing an octagonal dial plate system. WEISS [Read More]


Direct drive rotary indexing table cuts cycle time to 0.3 seconds

Werner Geissler GmbH has been producing precision turned parts for 40 years, predominantly for the automobile and automotive supply industry. Geissler recently sought out a solution to accelerate cycle times for a test bench that performed the final inspection of precision turned parts. At the heart of the system was a pneumatic rotary indexing table [Read More]