Sure-Flex Plus couplings ANSI centrifugal pump packages

Coupling Tips

TB-woods-IMG_9478Located in the greater Houston area, GPM Pump and Seal is a  provider of pumps, pump parts, mechanical seals and complete pump systems for various applications including oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, water and wastewater treatment.

GPM has been specifying TB Wood’s Sure-Flex couplings for several years. Early on, the company used other couplings, but eventually it switched to TB Wood’s.

TB Wood’s recently met with the GPM team to discuss the real-world benefits of the new EPDM and Neoprene sleeve materials used in Sure-Flex Plus couplings. The improved rubber compounds offer a 30% increase in torque ratings when compared to previous sleeves. GPM quickly standardized on the new TB Wood’s Sure-Flex Plus coupling line for use on many of its custom pump assembly packages, including all the nonclosecoupled pump units it builds.

The most significant impact of the new Sure-Flex Plus couplings is on GPM’s ANSI pump packages. Due to increased torque capacity, the ability to drop down a coupling size often gives GPM the edge it needs to compete on large projects. ANSI package configurations typically have a short pump shaft along with clearance issues associated with some types of labyrinth bearing seals. These conditions make it difficult to remove the coupling’s center sleeve element while performing a motor bump test. This is especially challenging when a larger horsepower motor is used that requires a larger coupling. Dropping down to a smaller size coupling is a major benefit for GPM customers, especially maintenance technicians.

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