Take The PLC Out Of The Cabinet


The SPEEDWAY 767 I/O system is a programmable controller in a cabinet-free platform that can be mounted directly on equipment, reducing installation time and costs. The IP67 rated automation system eliminates the need for control enclosures and reduces wiring time with standard IP67 cables and connectors.

If you don’t wish to place this controller on your equipment, you can use a SPEEDWAY IP67 coupler to connect to a higher-level system.

This system supports major fieldbus protocols including MODBUS, EtherNet I/P, Profibus, DeviceNet and CANopen. Node scan time ranges from 400 ms to 700 ms. You can have 64 modules per node with a maximum 1,650 ft node extension.

Speedway 767

Recently, the company upgraded the firmware and introduced three 8-channel digital I/O modules. The firmware enables the system to match the performance of an IP20 system while retaining the IP67 features of strength and modularity. The system can process 1000 instructions in 150 ms.

Faster data processing and transmission with higher-level controls is an increasing requirement for IP67 users. Thus, SPEEDWAY supports Ethernet/TCP. Through a USB or Ethernet interface, you can program this controller using CoDeSys.

The 8-channel digital input, output and mixed I/O modules accommodate up to eight M12 sensors/actuators. The modules can be set channel-by-channel for filter, inversion, and other diagnostics. These modules record binary signals from switches, sensors, and proximity switches to control actuators such as magnetic valves, dc contactors, and indicators.


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