Taking a closer look at blood

High-tech machines analyze human blood samples, detect coagulation disorders and thus help to save lives. The maxon sales company in France does not only supply the appropriate drives – in fact, it builds entire conveyor modules. A peek inside.

Our blood is a fascinating fluid. It transports oxygen and nutrients, fends off foreign objects and closes wounds. At least in normal cases. Some people, however, suffer from coagulation disorders. These cases are unpleasant for the patient and can have severe consequences – or even lead to death. This is why early detection of a blood disorder and the hunt for a cure are so important. This requires a lot of testing. Analysis devices in laboratories and hospitals run around the clock and are able to autonomously pipette samples to deliver quick results. Such industrial automation equipment has to work with high accuracy and reliability. This places high demands on all components and the developers.

Fully automated blood analysis

Stago is a French company that specializes in analysis instruments for hemostasis diagnostics, in other words for testing blood clotting. Around 20,000 devices of Stago are in use across the world – including the Star-Max. This fully automated analysis system is equipped with a three-axes robot and offers space for 215 samples and 1,000 test containers. The machine works autonomously, checks the results, compares them and monitors the processes. This saves the biologists and technicians a lot of time. Therefore the device is particularly suitable for laboratories with a large sample volume. (…)

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