Threaded Rods from All Metric Small Parts


All Metric Small Parts – aMsp has announced the availability of 20 off-the-shelf metric DIN 975 threaded rods. Identified as the MKAABMM… Series, these rods are available in Brass, Mild Steel, and Stainless Steel of the highest quality that conforms to DIN 975. They are priced by the meter (39.37 in.) and available upon your request from aMsp.


A more detailed 3-D CAD view of these 20 DIN 975 threaded rods can be obtained from the aMsp Web site. You may also look up pricing on the quantity you want to consider, as well as the various thread sizes that we have available on the online eStore. These thread sizes range from M2x0.4 thru M12x1.75. And while you are there, you can browse through the various selections of products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All Metric Small Parts

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