Timken Quick-Flex single-ended spacer couplings

Timken-quickflex-split-endCommon on pump applications, Timken stocks standard ansi and iso spacer body lengths for immediate availability. A new larger spacer hub has been added as an option to accommodate larger shaft sizes.


There is no metal to metal contact between opposing hubs with Timken Quick-Flex couplings. The only wearing component is the elastomeric insert, resulting in lower spare inventory requirements.

Hubs and shafts will remain in place when using Timken Quick-Flex Couplings. The design helps eliminate mechanical interference between coupling hubs that can damage equipment. As needed, the high-performance elastomeric insert can be replaced quickly and easily without removing the hubs or moving connected equipment. No lubrication required.


• Eliminates lubrication.

• Insert is only replacement required.

• Absorbs shock loads and vibration while accepting up to two degrees angular misalignment.

• Spacer lengths available to suit standard and custom shaft separation.

• Shaft sizes from 0.5  to 11.25-in. (10 to 286 mm).

• Handles continuous torque up to 1,657,000 in.- lbs. (188,000 Nm).

• Solid and split covers can handle high speed and high torque.

• Size-for-size substitute for gear couplings.

• Helps reduce operating and maintenance cost.


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