TO-PASS® Compact TeleControl I/O from WAGO

WAGO Corporation’s TO-PASS ® Compact Telecontrol Modules provide I/O monitoring, error-reporting and supplementary I/O control via bidirectional SMS (text) messaging. Blending an industry-proven platform with cellular protocols, TO-PASS® replaces resource-intensive wiring and radio-based data transmission with SMS-based controls. Eliminating wiring and radio repeaters (needed to combat line-of-sight limits), TO-PASS® brings SCADA-style capabilities to existing applications and creates new ones.

TO-PASS® 761-110 Entry-Level Router and 761-216 MODBUS Master utilize a quad-band Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM™) modem for basic cell service. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) supports packet-based data transmission. Units carry UL, FCC and AT&T Network approval for use on the same network millions use daily. An industry-ready platform and approvals assure performance and eliminate concerns about interoperability and protocol compatibility.


The modules’ eight digital inputs (12-bit and 0.1% accuracy) send eight different error messages via e-mail or fax. Applying voltage to the digital inputs enables text messages to be sent to up to four user-designated receivers. This ensures security and accommodates preventive measures with designated phones (e.g, passcodes and lockdown). Up to four outputs can be connected to TO-PASS® via SMS. User-defined text switches digital outputs on/off; TO-PASS® texts a confirmation upon command execution.

Beyond factory-default DI/DO On/Off commands, users can customize command text (e.g., Lights On) via dedicated configuration software. Inputs and outputs can be fine-tuned — set scaling from 0–20 or 4–20mA, or the base rising/falling edge on set points. A text then notifies one party if thresholds are met and another if values are too low.


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