Version 14 of TIA Portal is here

Version 14 (V14) of the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal shortens the time to market for machine manufacturers. This package focuses on diagnostics, virtual commissioning and multi-users. The technology update has enhanced energy management and motion control, cloud connectivity, and digital twin for virtual commissioning.

Cloud-based engineering helps users access the ‘plant controller’ from their private cloud with the TIA Portal Cloud Connector.  Cloud-based engineering can also be accessed through MindSphere for additional digital services.

Version 14 new features include:

–PLCSim Advanced, with interfaces to simulation software, such as Plant Simulation and Process Simulate. A Simatic S7-1500 controller can be simulated as a digital twin with PLCSim Advanced.

–New interface for product data management in Teamcenter. The user can easily create model-based programs with a new interface to Matlab/Simulink.

–Extended motion control functions and applications within the S7-1500 controller family. The Simatic S7-1500 T-CPUs help Simatic users solve advanced motion control tasks, such as gearing and camming, in a familiar environment.

–A multi-user function has been added for decentralized work concepts. These concepts include automatic synchronization and the facilitation of device, object, and function-based organization of automation tasks. Parameter assignment and evaluation of the 3VA molded-case circuit breaker and the 7KM PAC series of measuring instruments are also new features of the TIA Portal V14. This simplifies acquisition of energy values for the infeed system, electrical outputs and individual loads.

–The ProDiag option offers detailed plant and machine monitoring with minimal configuration and visualization costs. Support is provided with automated code generation and HMI synchronization functions. WinCC/WebUX help monitor plant processes and control them through the Internet or intranet with mobile HMI devices, such as tablet PCs and smartphones. The process data are available worldwide for easy access to the machine.

–The Simatic Energy Suite makes it easy to assign parameters and evaluate many measuring components. It increases the transparency of energy flows and helps to save energy in accordance with ISO 50001.

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