WAGO Expands A-B® Free Add-On Instruction Software Suite


WAGO Corporation has added four new sets of code to its free Add-On-Instruction software suite (AOI). Created to extend Allen-Bradley® RS-Logix™ 5000 functionality, WAGO’s AOI offloads Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix®, CompactLogix® and DriveLogix® controllers. AOI also provides previously unavailable or cost-prohibitive specialty functions via WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM controllers, analog, digital and specialty modules.


The new AOI supports WAGO’s Frequency Counter Module, 2-channel and 4-Channel 0-20mA Input Modules, as well as 2-channel 0–10V DC Output Module. Depending on the A-B® PLC’s capacity, WAGO Buscouplers and specialty I/O, such as Three-Phase Power Measurement or EnOcean Radio Receiver, can be integrated. This enables application development within legacy control systems, e.g., capital asset management and wireless building automation.

Requiring no additional software and only minimal user programming, AOI is fully documented and retains the RS-Logix™ 5000 GUI for usability. Simply select the appropriate WAGO AOI from a menu within the RS-Logix™ 5000 application, and insert AOI directly into working code.


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