WAGO Power Tap is Two-in-One, Current Transformer and Voltage Tap

WAGO’s Power Tap allows for both current transformation and voltage tapping in one device. The Power Tap is specially designed to work in conjunction with the 285 Series feed through terminal blocks, adding current and energy measurement to its features. Equipped with the POWER CAGE CLAMP® and Push-in CAGE CLAMP®
connection technology, wiring the Power Tap is tool-free, quick and reliable. Further specifications include:

 Primary to secondary current ratio of 250 A / 1 A
 Accuracy class of 0.5 according to EN 61869
 Compact 25 mm width
 Color coded terminals to prevent miswiring

The 855 Series Power Tap coupled with the 285 Series terminal block offers an economical and
complete system solution for your application.


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