Webinar: Making Your Extruded Aluminum Solutions More Cost Effective




It’s given that extruded aluminum components and assemblies provide excellent solutions to product challenges in a wide range of industries.  Extrusion-based parts help product designers in the automotive, medical, renewable energy, machinery, electronics, building components and many other industries develop attractive, lightweight, high-performing products. But the way extrusions are designed, specified and ultimately integrated into end applications, can have a significant impact on their cost effectiveness.

This webinar is for product engineers and designers familiar with the basics of the extrusion process and design, yet are searching for tips on creating more cost effective extrusion-based solutions. Many designers and engineers have common questions regarding aluminum extrusions, such as:

  • What alloys – and alloy variants – should I consider? What’s the impact of alternative alloys on costs?
  • What is the tradeoff between straightforward and more complex profile designs?
  • How do alternate fabrication approaches impact the cost equation?
  • How can extruded components be specified for cost effectiveness?

Mark Telander will touch on the attributes of aluminum and the extrusion process, and then focus on three key design variables – alloy selection, part geometry, and fabrication – and how they impact costs. Mini-case studies will illustrate cost-effective extrusion solutions.

Following this session, attendees will be able to better:

  • Assess alloy alternatives
  • Establish cost-effective component tolerances and specifications
  • Assess component designs for cost-effectiveness
  • Select and work with extrusion suppliers to create optimal solutions.

Featured Speakers

Mark Telander
Inside Sales Representative
Alexandria Industries




Mike Santora
Editor, Design World




Learn more about the attributes of aluminum and the extrusion process.


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