Webinar: Smart Advancements in Industrial Linear Actuation



As with many industries today, industrial linear actuation is experiencing a growing need to adapt to Industry 4.0 in which automation and data exchange occur spontaneously. This confluence of trends and manufacturing technologies has introduced the “smart factory” and is reshaping how machine designers approach their work.

For decades, the technology and design behind industrial linear actuators had been relatively straightforward, but these components have become smarter through the use of on-board electronics and a handful of other advancements. This trend has opened up new opportunities for actuation in a multitude of markets and applications.

Join us for an informative webinar and learn:

  • How i4.0 is affecting industrial linear actuation design, their capabilities and the devices in which they’re being used
  • Design strategies for implementing smart actuation into your next design
  • Other trends in industrial linear actuation, including enhanced controllability, condition monitoring, bus communication, integrated low-level power switching, synchronization, enhanced qualification requirements and increased environmental condition requirements


Featured Speakers

Hakan Persson, Global Product Line Director, Actuators, Thomson Industries
Hakan Persson is responsible for all aspects of the short- and long-term strategies of the global ILA business, including product road maps and product development. Persson earned his mechanical engineering degree from Resurscentrum in Ljungby, Sweden, and has been with Thomson for 28 years.




Travis Gilmer, Product Line Specialist – Industrial Linear Actuators-Americas, Thomson Industries
Travis Gilmer supports the ILA business, while assisting sales and customer support with technical product training. Gilmer earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has been with Thomson for almost three years.




Miles Budimir, Moderator, Design World
Miles Budimir holds a BSEE degree, has several years of engineering experience including designing industrial control systems, and has been covering the motion control industry for over 13 years.




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