Weintek adds touchscreen Windows PCs to remote access platform

weintek 10_15Weintek USA Inc., the industrial HMI solution provider expands the capability of the cMT Remote Access line of Human Machine Interface devices with the addition of the cMT-iPC10 and cMT-iPC15 industrial touch screen flat panel PC’s with embedded Windows OS.

In todays manufacturing environment of continuous improvement, the analysis of production or process data is an ongoing effort. The ability to drive improvements into the process, based on actual real time information is essential. Being able to incorporate an industrial PC with its powerful analysis and communication applications (i.e. Excel, Word, Access, Outlook etc.) directly into the control and data flow is a primary advantage. When the engineer couples a cMT-iPC10/15 with a cMT-SVR he/she can run EasyBuilder Pro software to work directly, via fully functional HMI with the plant floor devices and then channel the resultant data flows immediately into the appropriate analysis applications. The resulting analysis can be shared in real time with colleagues within the plant or around the world, increasing productivity, quality and reliability, driving down costs and travel expenses, and also saving time.

The cMT-iPC10 and the cMT-iPC15 both include a 1.75GHz dual core 64bit CPU, 32GB sad and 4GB ram. The cMT-iPC10 boasts a 9.7 TFT display with 1024×768 resolution. The cMT-iPC15 has a similar 15-in. High Resolution display. The operating system is either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

The pairing of the HMI directly with a powerful PC opens up many new and exciting opportunities. The ability to create new tools directly within the applications that can analyze, display, and share critical information in realtime is a major advantage.

Weintek USA Inc.

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