XtraDrive CAN-OPEN enabled servo system

(Manchester, NH) – YET US Inc has introduced the XtraDrive-CAN model to the XtraDrive Servo System family of products. The XDA-CAN allows users to interface with CAN while taking advantage of YET’s patented NCT technology.

YET’s XDA-CAN Servo System supports a wide range of functions based on CANopen DS-301 specifications. According to DSP-402, V2.0, drive profiles supported include homing mode, profiles for position, velocity, torque, and interpolated position mode. The XDA-CAN supports interoperability of different devices and features a port with galvanic isolation to provide efficient noise immunity, a 9-pin D-type connector and a rotary selection switch for node ID supports up to 127 nodes. System achieves a communication rate up to 1Mbps.

586-YET XtraDrive-CANopen.jpg

The drive’s intelligence, capable of driving complex motion profiles, is based on a unique adaptive control structure driven by patented NCT (non-linear) control technology.  The non-linear technology achieves extremely tight trajectory control, zero settling time, and increases overall system productivity.

The new XDA-CAN conforms to specifications for CiA, safety standard UL508, material compliance UL94V-0, Directives for RoHS 2002/95/EC, WEEE 1002/96/EC, low voltage 73/23/EEC, and EMC 89/336/EEC.


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