500 Watt Brushless DC Motor from Thingap®

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA – ThinGap LLC announces the TG 2340 Brushless DC Motor, delivering 500 watts continuous shaft output power and 600 oz-in peak torque in a package with significantly less volume and weight than traditional brushless DC motors.

thingap TG 2340 HR.gif

The small package of the TG 2340 — 2.48” long by 2.626” diameter — weighs 30 oz. and delivers 500-watts (0.68 HP) of continuous shaft power at 48-volts. Maximum motor efficiency is 90% and peak system efficiency using a trapezoidal controller is 85%. The TG 2340 features linearity between torque and current allowing very high peak torque of 600-oz-in. With a robust and rigid ironless core rotor that effectively eliminates hysteresis losses and cogging torque, the TG 2340 allows extremely fast and smooth acceleration. Airflow over the interior and exterior coil surfaces provides superior heat dissipation.

The power to size and weight advantage of the TG 2340 DC motor provides a key advantage, especially for portable and battery powered applications comprised of piston pumps/ compressors. The high rotor inertia of the motor is useful for smoothing the current waveform with pulsating loads produced by reciprocating equipment. This allows for good efficiency over a wide load range and provides longer operating time between battery charges. ThinGap motors are being used in medical compressor applications such as portable oxygen concentrators.


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