Ascent Mechanical Lift from Accuride

Accuride offers the Ascent (CBLIFT-0019), a new mechanical lift for televisions and screens up to 14.5 pounds, 17.5″ tall, and 22″ diagonally. The Ascent conceals and secures screens when not in use, keeping surfaces free of clutter. To access screens, users press lightly on the top of the lift support column, which activates it to rise in less than 2 seconds.


The Ascent Lift does not require power. The smooth movement is controlled through weights, which are added to counterbalance the screen. The main support column swivels left and right 112.5º to expand viewing angles and the hole pattern provides a wide range of bracket and screen mounting options.

The Ascent is quick and easy to install; the unit is simply aligned to the center of the mounting case and 8 fasteners are installed. Standard packaging includes a cable management kit and a set of weights. Additional weight packs may be purchased to accommodate lighter screens as well as optional fixed or tilt VESA bracket kits for attaching screens or other components to the unit.

The slim and compact design makes the Ascent a multi-purpose solution for a wide range of applications such as customer service counters or kiosks, manufacturing workstations, metal office furniture, medical equipment or carts, or industrial diagnostic equipment. Other uses may be found in motor homes, marine applications, and industrial and mobile construction or office trailers.

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