Carbon Fiber and Carbon/KEVLAR Military Cases

Grants Pass, OR — ECS Composites announces the release of its Carbon Fiber and Carbon/KEVLAR Military Cases. The Carbon/KEVLAR composite is highly compacted, very light weight, averaging 30 percent weight reduction, and adds ballistic characteristics to ECS‚’ nearly indestructible rackmount cases.

ecs carbon fiber rackmount.jpg

ECS‚’ Carbon Fiber and Carbon/KEVLAR rackmount cases are extremely light weight and demonstrate exceptional structural rigidity. Military equipment contains unique performance and weight requirements. These new cases fit a variety of military applications including the need to be water tight, sealed from sand and dust and shock mounted.

Virtually any type of equipment can be protected because the cases can be made in almost any size and individualized internal cushion design can satisfy the shock and vibration protection requirements of each piece of equipment that is stored.

Carbon Fiber and Carbon/KEVLAR rackmount cases can be compression molded by ECS in a variety of wall thicknesses to meet unique performance/weight requirements for military equipment. Additional layers of carbon fiber and/or optional ballistic reinforcement materials can provide enhanced performance characteristics for challenging applications.

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