Incorporate Mathematical Services and Content on Web Sites

Latest version of MapleNet, now available from MapleSoft, enables the deployment of live technical knowledge and applications on the web. MapleNet 13 is an easy and convenient tool for sharing live calculations, interactive technical documents, and mathematical services over the Internet.


MapleNet 13 makes it easy for programmers and non-programmers alike to provide rich mathematical content and sophisticated plots in interactive applications and web content. MapleNet also provides a standard web services application programming interface (API), making the computational power of Maple available everywhere you are connected ‚— on a web site, desktop computer, or mobile device.

Web content that requires use of static plots and mathematical expressions, such as those often found in technical reports or course notes, can now be created easily by including a special hyperlink to MapleNet in the web page. No web programming knowledge or tools are required. MapleNet will automatically generate and display an image of the mathematical expression or plot in the web page.

MapleNet 13 uses the most powerful and extensive mathematical engine available to perform its computations. V.13, the newest release includes enhancements to its mathematical and plotting abilities that provide additional power and increased performance to MapleNet users. Core technologies include advanced symbolic computation engine and physical modeling techniques. Combined together, these technologies enable the creation of tools for design, modeling, and high-performance simulation.

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