LCD/LED Driver Cross-Reference Guide

Endicott, NY — Endicott Research Group (ERG) is offering the widest selection in the industry of full-function drivers matched to OEM LCDs equipped with LED backlights. The company’s new online cross-reference guide for OEM LCDs with LED Backlights contains nearly 100 different driver boards for more than 60 OEM panels from major manufacturers.


Users can look up the make and model number of their LCD panel and find the corresponding ERG driver part number — either 5V or wide input 12V, with external or onboard dimming and suggested interconnect hardware.

ERG has also created a cross-reference guide to its range of LED Replacement Rails for both LED and HB (high-brightness) LED backlights. These rails utilize a proprietary design to conduct heat from the LEDs that keeps the junction temperature at or below the recommended operating temperature, providing thermal management superior to any other product on the market. The LED Rails cross-reference guide provides a convenient path to specific ERG LED Replacement Rail part numbers for a range of OEM LCDs, along with the recommended driver.

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