Making Palletizing Easier

The PalletPack 460 demonstrates several of the key trends in packaging equipment, particularly the trend of a pre-engineered system that is flexible, easy to install and easy to operate. The integration of hardware and documentation reduces a customer’s overall project costs as well as engineering set-up time. In addition, it enables customers to easily design their robotic palletizing system to suit their needs.

PalletPack 460

The PalletPack 460 consists of an IRB 460 palletizing robot; a Flex-Gripper end-of-arm tool; an ABB control PLC; a Jokab safety PLC; PalletWare support software; user documentation; and the ABB FlexPendant with graphical HMI.

The programming wizard makes programming similar to that used for a traditional PLC. This enables PLC programmers without specific robotic experience to program the system, eliminating the need for special skills.

The programming and operation are carried out in the FlexPendant, the standard ABB Robotics HMI. It features a graphical interface with four user-friendly screens: pallet and pick set-up, pallet pattern set-up, path profile edition and movement edition.

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